3MT Competition Update

We are thrilled to advise a record number of entrants in this year’s Faculty virtual 3MT competition.

The entry videos are currently with our judging panel for review.  Two winners will be chosen to proceed to the University Final on the 19 August 2020.

Thank you to all our entrants for their preparation and entries. Good luck to you – and to the judges!

We will advise the winners as soon as we are notified.

Gimhani Ekanayake ‘Does Media Influence Cost of Debt’

Sidharth Murthy ‘CEO regulatory focus, employee lawsuits and corporate outcomes’

Mukti Subedi ‘Affirmative Action, Schooling and Labour Market Outcomes:  Evidence from Nepal’

Hedieh Karachi ‘How Nostalgia Helps us during the Pandemic’

Antonette Fernando ‘Off-balance sheet activities and commercial bank performance:  Evidence from South Asia’

Shruti Verma ‘Rebranding announcements and Analysts Forecasts’

Ripon Roy ‘Monetary Policy Transmission to the Industrial Sub-sectors in Bangladesh’

Islam Khalil ‘Education, health, and health related behaviour: Investigating the Causal Impact’

Jonathan Ande ‘Sustaining Equity Crowdfunding: Prescribing Broader Regulations for Crowdfunding Platforms’



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