Network Hardware

Deakin Approved Hardware 06112023

Deakin-Approved-Hardware- 06112023

Updates to APC product part numbers


Deakin Approved Hardware 26082022

Deakin Approved Hardware 21082023

Page Last Updated: 21/08/2023

Updates to Standards parts Appendix B to include the new 9136 and 9130 waps and antennae.


Page Last Updated: 06/05/2019

Deakin eSolutions perform thorough evaluation on all hardware prior to approving it for use in production. Bundles can be quoted and ordered from Dimension Data

Detailed below is a list of approved hardware for use in production by Deakin eSolutions Network Engineering – this list is updated periodically when new hardware is approved.

Deakin Approved Hardware 121219



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