Australia-China Relations and Higher Education Research Network Update

Things have been a little quiet in terms of the network’s communications and events in 2022. This is because we have been busy conducting the research project: Australia, New Zealand and China relations and the impact on education.

The project is a cross-institutional collaboration involving researchers within the Australia-China Relations and Higher Education Research Network, including Michiko Weinmann, Rod Neilsen, Rebecca Cairns and Anna Kent (Deakin University), Andrew Scrimgeour (University of Adelaide), Grace Qi (Massey University, NZ), Jeffrey Gil (Flinders University), Benjamin Mulvey (The Education University of Hong Kong), and Luo Yingmei (Henan University, China).

The focus of the current stage of the project is a 20-minute online survey, with the aim to capture the impact of recent geopolitical relations between Australia, New Zealand and China on the various education sectors. We are interested in the perspectives of teachers, lecturers, researchers, and professional staff working in schools, higher education and research institutes on how the recent geopolitical shifts have impacted their work and work environment. The survey also seeks to gain insight into possible future developments, challenges, and opportunities that educators and researchers see emerging from the current situation. 

The first phase of promoting the survey began in May. We have recently initiated a second phase for the purpose of recruiting a wider sample of participants as well as capturing current perspectives since the change in Australian Government and recent shifts in international geopolitical relations.

So far, the survey has collected almost 200 responses from across Australia, New Zealand, and China. While preliminary data analysis indicates consensus concerning the deterioration of relations and insights into the challenging realities faced by educators, researchers and students, it also indicates that a key concern of educators and researchers is their role and capacity in facilitating dialogue and finding new ways of collaborating with China.

There is still time to complete the survey or forward it to your networks:

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