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July 7, 2020

Your new on-demand copyright modules are live

A few weeks ago, we introduced you to the new Copyright pages on the library website. These pages make following copyright restrictions simple, straightforward and easy to understand.

Copyright is an important subject for all university students to be familiar with, as it applies not only to your research and assessments but also to the work you produce throughout your time at Deakin.

Our experts in copyright have developed four online self-guided modules for students to take. You can complete these in your own time – they are great to refer back to throughout your university studies!

Module 1: Copyright basics 

Perfect for anyone – especially if you’re not familiar with copyright

This module introduces copyright and the rights copyright provides. It covers what can be protected by copyright and how long it can last. By the end of this module, students will have a good foundation to better understand the remaining modules. We recommend covering this module first.

Module 2: Using copyright

Good for reference on any creative task

Considering how easy it is to share and copy content, it is important to understand what copyright allows and prohibits. This module covers what can be copied, what is not restricted by copyright, exceptions that allow material to be copied and how a licence works. It is designed to help students meet copyright requirements with their creative tasks and can be completed independently or in conjunction with the remaining modules.

Module 3: Copyright for your studies

Ideal for all students, especially early in your degree

When students are completing their course work, they will be dealing with lots of different content. This module covers how copyright ownership works as a student, a student’s copyright responsibilities and what copyright exceptions can apply while studying. It is designed to help students carry out their studies compliantly with copyright law and Deakin copyright policies. This can be completed independently or in conjunction with the remaining modules.

Module 4: Copyright in the workplace

Ideal for students in their final year or undertaking WIL units

Understanding how copyright is dealt with in a workplace is important as students embark on their careers. This module covers copyright ownership in the workplace, how copyright is managed by a business and some ways a business can protect its copyright. It is designed to help students have a professional approach to copyright as they approach employment and graduate opportunities. This can be completed independently or in conjunction with the other modules.

Remember, no matter what your area of study is, you will need to have a basic familiarity with copyright rules and considerations. If you have any questions about these modules, please contact [email protected] or talk to your Liaison Librarian.

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