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The odds-on favourite

Purpose: To make sure our library visitors didn't miss out on the racing hype, we brought the Cup to them. We televised the horse racing, fashion, and entertainment of the day.

PaperSpace and the future of architecture

PaperSpace known to be a prestigious exhibition that draws a broad crowd of industry experts, current and future students, and intrigued members of the general public. Our video wall featured PaperSpace event fliers and graphics with an interactive version of their annual publication — a print swatch book. According to Head of the School, Professor Anthony Mills, the publication ‘explores the intersection of art, design, technology, and science. It showcases the best work produced by our students in an innovative format, designed to intrigue and delight.’

Interactive sugar hit

To create an interactive game to highlight one of our largest special collections, the cookery...

The art of interaction

Our 5 interactive screens were the canvass, and our Special Collections provided the animal-themed templates. With touch enabled screens our artists could essentially finger paint, but without the mess. Adult colouring books are on trend – and not just because they’re pretty. Research supports the benefits for relaxation and concentration skills. So to help our students keep calm amid a busy academic calendar we brought adult colouring to them, with Jungle Life on The Verge.

Real Lectures

A group of our architecture students are leading the way with their contemporary spin on fieldwork. They canvassed local architects to provide a weekly seminar about the reality of working in the industry. Qualified architects are using this platform to connect directly with their future peers, and showcase creative and inspiring projects. “We aim to get beyond the what, and investigate the why, so as to gain a more thorough understanding of architecture” says the Real Lectures team.

Explore our digitised collections

Purpose: To showcases Deakin University Library’s own Open Access platform, FUSION.

Watch our research take flight

Purpose: To showcase rare footage garnered by Deakin University researcher Melanie Wells. It follows the journey of seabirds searching for food along the coast.

Toro Evistiendo

The artistic intentions are to create a playful yet powerful metaphorical installation that uses interactivity as a bridge between the virtual and the real.

Exam time tips at Deakin University Library

Here, at Deakin University Library, we’ve created the below set of images to support our...

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