The Australian Research Network for Iranian Studies (ARNIS) is a pioneering information-sharing initiative that brings together multidisciplinary research on Iran’s domestic and international affairs. ARNIS-linked researchers, lecturers, policy makers and journalists come from a range of research backgrounds and paths, and are linked by their research interest on Iran and firm commitment to enhancing understanding of the country. ARNIS supports enquiry across a diversity of disciplines, in particular politics, International Relations, sociology, economics, history, law and anthropology.

Bringing together researchers across Australia, the network is a platform for:

  • Connecting and facilitating communication among scholars of Iranian studies across Australia
  • Updating members about the latest related research outputs and publications
  • Supporting grant funding applications
  • Initiating collaborative and/or joint research projects, grant applications, and publications
  • Developing collaborations between Australian and international scholars
  • Circulating information about upcoming conferences and news
  • Organising joint panel discussions at conferences around the world
  • Promoting Iranian studies in Australia, with a focus on HDR students
  • Offering advice to Australian organisations, both governmental and non-governmental, on issues related to Iran
  • Using the network’s resources and connections to support scholarly fieldwork in Iran
  • Establishing connections and possible collaborations with universities, research institutes and scholars within Iran

ARNIS Convenors