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About us                                                            


The Asia Pacific Food and Nutrition Collaboration (APFNC) brings together Nutritionists and other colleagues from various universities and agencies in the Asia Pacific Region for the purpose of research collaboration and sharing knowledge about behavioural and nutritional science topics. The APFNC blogsite is hosted by Deakin University’s Institute for Physical Activity and Nutrition  (IPAN).

Our aims
To provide scientifically based research findings in the area of nutrition behaviour for health professionals, educators and members of the public. We aim to:

  • Support researchers in behavioural nutrition in the region
  • Conduct regular surveys of food consumers’ dietary activities, food attitudes & knowledge
  • Establish collaborations with universities and government departments in the region
  • Establish joint projects


About this blog
The site is set up as a repository for APFNC publications and research findings, external open access publications, and links to recent journal articles and useful information, and the occasional informative blog on an area of interest to the APFNC. The blog particularly aims to target and collate information in the following areas:

  1. Food literacy, education and  communication
  2. Food purchase, food behaviour, food marketing and food policy
  3. Maternal and infant nutrition
  4. Child, teenage and family nutrition


Disclaimer information for users of The Asia Pacific Food and Nutrition Collaboration (APFNC) blog

The information on this blog is presented by the APFNC for the purpose of disseminating nutritional research and education information among our collaboration and members of the public.

While we take care in ensuring the quality of the material contained on this blog, the information on the site is made available on the basis that we are not providing professional recommendation on any particular paper, report or matter.

Before members of the public or members of the APFNC rely on any information on this site, we advise they evaluate its accuracy, currency, and relevance for their purposes. Links to other websites and publications made available on this blog site are for  convenience and information purposes only, and are not an endorsement of these sources.