Beginning 2 March – Monthly Anthropology Seminar Series

Thursday 2th March, 2017 – Anthropology Seminar Series resumes. 

Announcing the schedule of the 2017 Deakin Anthropology Seminar Series, co-convened by David Giles and Timothy Neale. As in previous years, the seminars will take place (usually, but not always) on the first Thursday of each month at the Geelong Waterfront campus, from 4:00pm-5:30pm, followed by dinner at The Edge.

Location: Deakin Waterfront AD1.122

(Also: Burwood C2.05; Melbourne Corporate Center, enquire at desk; VMP 39384)

Please contact Tim Neale or David Giles for more information.

NB: the schedule is ‘set’ but may nonetheless change as the year goes on in order to better accomodate speakers’ itineraries and commitments.



  • 02/03/2017: David Giles (Deakin University), ‘Towards an anthropology of abject economies’ (4:30pm-6:00pm)
  • 30/03/2017: Eben Kirksey (UNSW), ‘Lively multispecies communities and deadly racial assemblages in West Papua’
  • 27/04/2016: Cris Shore (University of Auckland) , ‘Symbiotic or parasitic? Universities, academic capitalism and the global knowledge economy’
  • 01/06/2017: Frederic Keck (EHESS, Musée du Quai Branly), ‘Biosecurity in museums of virology, ornithology and anthropology’
  • 20/07/2017: Tim Edensor (Manchester Metropolitan University, University of Melbourne), ‘The Power of Illumination’
  • 03/08/2017: Akhil Gupta (UCLA, University of Melbourne) Title TBA
  • 07/09/2017: Victoria Stead (Deakin University) ‘Precarious relations of trust, labour and temporality in the Shepparton food bowl’
  • 05/10/2017: Eve Vincent (Macquarie University) ‘Experiences of the cashless welfare card trial in Ceduna, South Australia’
  • 09/11/2017: Cameo Dalley (University of Melbourne), ‘Encounters in the Death Space: Cattle, Aboriginal Capitalism and Organisations in Remote Northern Australia’ 

We look forward to seeing you at the seminars over the course of 2017. 
– Tim Neale and David Giles