News and Events

January 2017: New rapid alloy design process featured in Geelong Advertiser: New alloys designed fast

January 2017: Welcome to Baptiste Rouxel who has joined the Aluminium group and will work on designing new aerospace aluminium alloys that contain scandium.

January 2017: Deakin Research to be featured in the yearly Recycling Technology 2017 publication: New technology for  recycling complex aerospace aluminium alloys

November 2016: CleanTeQ press release mentioning Deakin as a key research partner in Australia: Scandium Marketing Update for the Global Transport Sector

August 2016: Publication of the Completion of Syerston Scandium Project Feasibility Study by CleanTeQ with a special mention to Deakin University

May 2016: Linkage Project awarded!! Publication on Invenio

January 2016: Press release by CleanTeQ: Clean TeQ, Universal Alloy Corp and Deakin University Collaborate to Develop Aluminium-Scandium Alloys for Aerospace

January 2016: Deakin Research featured in Manufacturer’s Monthly: With a little polish, scandium could be the next big thing

January 2016: Deakin Research featured in Manufacturer’s Monthly: Deakin University, Clean TeQ and Universal Alloy Corporation to collaborate on scandium for aerospace

March 2015: New article in The Australian Business Review: Big ideas fly at Australian International Airshow

March 2015: Featured article in Recycling International: New process can help ‘make aircraft recycling a reality’