Research grants

November 2016: Deakin University Central Research Grant Scheme 2017: Enhanced bendability of extruded Al-alloys through innovative cross sectional design (18,000AUD)

May 2016: Linkage Project: Development of novel high performance aluminium alloys containing scandium (700,000AUD) Project ID: LP160100104

April 2016: CASS Foundation travel award (AUD4,000)

January 2016: Research Connection: Towards a new industrial Sc-containing alloy for aeronautic applications (100,000AUD) Project ID: RC-257

July 2015: Small Angle X-Ray Scattering at the Australian Synchrotron, 1 day of beamtime on the SAXS beamline: In-situ dynamic corrosion experiment under controlled potential of binary Al-Cu alloys

November 2014: Australian Research Council: 2015 Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities grant scheme: Quench and deformation dilatometer for the study of phase transformations in metallic systems (420,000AUD) Project ID: LE150100123

November 2014: Deakin University Central Research Grant Scheme 2015: Investigation of nanoscale precipitation phenomena in recycled aerospace Al-Cu-(Fe) alloys (20,000AUD)

October 2014: Travel Grant to attend the 3rd French Researchers in Australia Network event (1,000AUD)

June 2014: Deakin IFM impact grant scheme 2014: Improving Recyclability of Cu containing Al-Alloys using Direct Strip Casting (15,000AUD)