Our people

Research fellow Dr Thomas Dorin leads the Aluminium research area at Deakin University’s Institute for Frontier Materials. Thomas was awarded his PhD from the University of Grenoble, France in 2013. His PhD project was carried out with Constellium, a leading enterprise in the field of high performance aluminium alloys for aeronautic applications. Dr Dorin came to Australia in January 2014 to take up a position as a research fellow in the metals group at the Institute for Frontier Materials, Deakin University. His work aims at gaining a better understanding of microstructural development in Al alloys and the relationship between process, microstructure and bulk alloy properties.

Ann Katrin Mester is a PhD student with the group. She began her PhD in May 2016. Katrin is studying the impact of adding Scandium to Al-Cu-Li aerospace alloys. This involves advanced microstructure studies using techniques such as scanning and transmission electron microscopy and atom probe tomography. Her PhD is conducted in collaboration with Universal Alloy Corporation and CleanTeQ.


Associate research fellow Dr Baptiste Rouxel joined the team in January 2017. Dr Rouxel was awarded his PhD in December 2016. He is an experienced metallurgist with a strong expertise in electron microscopy. Dr Rouxel will work closely with Universal Alloy Corporation with the aim of developing novel Sc containing aerospace aluminium alloys.



Dr Alireza Vahidgolpayegani completed his PhD in 2016 at Deakin University and has now moved to an Associate Research Fellow position.Dr Vahidgolpayegani has a strong metallurgy background and now focuses on applying computational methods to accelerate alloy and process design. As such, he works closely with the computer science group at Deakin University.





After completing his PhD in December 2015, Research Engineer Dr Mahendra Ramajayam joined the Aluminium research team and works mainly on Scandium containing Aluminium alloys. Dr Ramajayam has a sound metallurgy background and strong experimental expertise including processing, mechanical testing and electron microscopy.