Sharing knowledge and flavours in Wuhan

IFM postdoctoral researchers, Dr Steven Babaniaris, Dr Nima Hagdadi and Dr Subhankar Biswas (Shuvo) recently returned from an international teaching trip to the Wuhan University of Science and Technology (WUST) in the Hubei province of China.

The IFM team enjoying Hubei style hot pot, courtesy of the students of WUST.

The trip was part of a long standing partnership between the two universities, where Deakin staff teach the engineering program collaboratively with the lecturers at WUST with the goal of providing an alternative and international perspective on their studies.

As well as teaching, Steven, Nima and Shuvo visited and presented their work at the International Research Institute for Steel Technology at WUST, the Hanzhong University of Science and Technology and the research and development department of the Baosteel group.

The IFM team also thoroughly enjoyed the local Wuhan cuisine under the guidance of their students, including hot pot, the sticky rice breakfast dish – Doupi, and the world renowned hot dry noodles. Steven’s attempts to return the favour by letting his students try the Australian breakfast staple Vegemite were less successful!

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