The inland amphibious living environment draws attention to climate change impacts; the design in dry weather (left) and during a storm surge (right).

Part of Rudan’s winning project entitled ‘Living with sea rise: Barwon Estuary Design Framework’

Congratulations to Rudan Fan from Deakin University’s School of Architecture and Built Environment who was awarded the Student Prize recipient of this year’s 2020 Landscape Australia Award for her Landscape Masterclass project entitled ‘Living with sea rise: Barwon Estuary Design Framework’.

“The project proposes a three-stage process of long-term planning, “accept-transform-adapt,” to develop an amphibious coastal living environment, while introducing sustainable and dynamic landscape interventions that increase awareness of climate change impacts. Barwon Estuary Design Framework demonstrates how nature-based infrastructure can be used to create vibrant spaces that encourage a harmonious co-existence between humans and nature.”

Rudan has been a wonderful student in the School of Architecture and Built Environment’s Master of Landscape program and this prize reinforces the ongoing passion she has for her discipline and her high level of application of her studies.

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