The founder of Curvatecture, Hayden Annable will begin our REAL Lecture Series this trimester, with his presentation entitled ‘Taking Sustainability Into Our Own Hands: Building from the Earth, for the Earth’ which will dive into the endlessly imaginative, creative, versatile, fun, and sustainable approaches to eco-building within the modern Australian landscape. He will be introducing ways in which you, and society at large can get involved today, to begin up-skilling to build a simpler, safer, more communal future, starting from the ground up. Hayden will share his journey into the world of radically sustainable architecture, based around the technology of SuperAdobe/Earthbag Building, plus many other aspects of the varied and wild Natural Building world.

Hayden runs Curvatecture, a natural building company and group based who travel all over Australia and the world building funky, interesting, sustainable buildings. Hayden began building with natural materials 7 years ago, and has since fronted countless small projects, all the way up to the first 2 legally permitted natural homes in Australia to be built from SuperAdobe. Hayden works alongside everyday people and volunteers, eager to learn new skills and to be a part of the growing eco-minded movement.

For more information on their work, please see the following link:

Hayden Annable, Curvatecture.
‘Taking sustainability into our own hands: Building from the Earth, for the Earth’

Tuesday, 4 August @6:30pm
All welcome
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REAL Lectures Trimester 2 2020. Sustainability: Our Environmental, Cultural and Social Obligations.