The building sector consumes approximately 26% of Australia’s energy, and is responsible for about 280,000 tons of CO2 emissions per day. In order to alleviate the detrimental environmental impacts of the building sector, the building industry and academics are seeking future proofing solutions. The utilisation of renewable energy is one of the effective solutions.

Dr Hong Xian Li and Industry Professor Tony Arnel are collaborating with the industry partners to monitor the performance of a showcase zero-energy building in Melbourne, supported by Innovation Connections grants. This building is designed to achieve zero-energy performance by using renewable energy, including geothermal, solar PV, and solar thermal. It is the first building in Australia to utilise building foundation screw piles for an energy source.

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About the team:

Dr Hong Xian Li is a Senior Lecturer at the school of a+b. She is an active researcher in the area of the sustainable built environment. Her research has been well recognised by academia, industry, and government agencies in this area, through prestigious awards, academic service, adoption and citation of her research.

Professor Tony Arnel is one of the outstanding alumni at the school of a+b, and a great leader in the industry. Tony is an Industry Professor at Deakin University, while he also holds the positions of the President of Energy Efficiency Council and the Global Director of Sustainability at Norman Disney & Young (NDY). Tony has devoted more than two decades to the task of driving sustainability through global built environments.