Prefab 21 Geelong Design Week

**Public presentation and public viewing cancelled due to COVID-19**
A private event has been coordinated for stakeholders at an alternative location.

This event focuses on the sustainable design, fabrication and exhibition of a prototype tiny home based on prefabrication technologies from FormFlow, Deakin Architecture and the HOME research hub Microvillage team.

Prefab 21 will showcase and explore next generation design and manufacturing for 21st century houses. In doing so, it will help put Geelong at the forefront of sustainable, smart and efficient advanced manufacturing.

This exhibition will showcase the design, fabrication and display of a prototype house using new technologies developed by FormFlow at Deakin’s ManuFutures, designed in collaboration with Deakin Architecture students. This project is a partnership between Deakin Architecture, FormFlow and Samaritan House.

The prototype prefabricated house will be installed during Geelong Design Week.

This design and build project demonstrates Geelong’s commitment as a globally recognised City of Design, addressing shared challenges and working towards the community’s clever and creative vision.

Opening hours:
The prefabricated tiny home will be open from 12-4pm on
20 March, 21 March, 22 March, 26 March, 28 March, 29 March
Outside of these times it will be available to view from the exterior only between 20-29 March.
Please register to attend this event

Public presentation: Thursday 26 March 2020 – 5.00pm-6.30pm
Bookings required for the public presentation