The fragmented positioning of students displays of drawings, models and folios was an intentional component of this year’s PaperSpace exhibition. The different directions and non-liner path through the exhibition was redolent of the contrasting directions being pursued by the students. These are not submissions, rather productions of work. Work with direction from the school, and each other, moving in fragmented directions toward innovative architecture.


More than 250 students, families, industry peers and the general public visited the PaperSpace exhibition that started in Melbourne’s Federation Square before moving to Geelong’s Deakin Waterfront campus. PaperSpace has again been hailed a great success.

An ambitious plan for the future of Geelong Railway Station by Masters Student Jarrod Argent was highlighted by local media along with a redesigned Cunningham Pier, Fyansford Paper Mill, Barwon River site and Phoenix Wool Scouring Works.

More than 100 guests attended the opening launch at Federation Square and a never ending trail of visitors enjoyed the exhibition throughout its duration in both Melbourne and Geelong. This year’s exhibition curated more than 60 exceptional pieces of students work and showcased projects featuring local and international locations.