Deakin School of Architecture and Built Environment researcher Chin Koi Khoo along with fellow researcher H Koon Wee from the University of Hong Kong have recently designed a hybrid green architectural wall system for high-rise buildings that integrates a vertical micro-farm and a media screen.

The pair presented this wall, called PixelGreen, in a paper published on Research Gate. PixelGreen is designed for integration into the wall surfaces of existing buildings, turning them into analogue media screens.

Chin Koi Khoo and H Koon Wee research explores the opportunity for new design possibilities to achieve a hybrid architectural wall system as a reciprocal retrofit for existing high-rise buildings surfaces, integrating a vertical micro-farm and media screen. PixelGreen addresses issues caused by the vast amounts of arable land that has been taken up by cities in this age of intense urbanization.

The full story be has been published on TechXplore online magazine.

Image Left: The hypothetical implementation of PixelGreen in the dense urban context of Hong Kong.
Image Right: Potential sites that combine the vertical and horizontal surfaces (highlighted in green) of existing high-rise buildings in the development of PixelGreen.