A+B graduate Hannah Butler is on of Hamlan Homes rising talents. Hannah has a double degree in Architecture and Construction Management from Deakin University. Hannah started out as an estimator but soon proved herself a valuable talent in drafting and project coordinating.

Hannah a great example of what a rewarding career in the building industry can offer young women.

Currently in Victoria the construction industry workforce is made up of about 11 per cent women. However, Hamlan Homes is bucking that trend, with an equal split of male and female employees across the organisation. And that starts right from the very top, with their Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer who are both women.

To read the fill article from Hamlan Homes featuring graduate Hannah Butler visit: https://www.hamlan.com.au/news/women-on-site-a-new-generation-of-female-builders/

Image Source: Hannah Bulter : https://www.hamlan.com.au/news/women-on-site-a-new-generation-of-female-builders/