Geelong College ‘Global Village’ students in the Year 7  ‘Learning to Learn’ program have been collaborating with the School of Architecture and Built Environment to tackle a challenge of Global proportions. A meteorite has hit the city of Geelong and the UN have decided to send nine teams of surviving citizens to remote regions around the world to establish new settlements.

In this scenario, Architect Stewart Seaton and Urban Designers, Dr John Rollo and Dr Yolanda Esteban, have been brought in by the UN to advise students and staff and help them in their quest. A visit to the  Deakin Waterfront Campus A+B Studio started the year 7 students journey and ongoing visits from the Deakin team of experts to the Middle School, have provided a ‘real-life’ dimension to the project.

This type of learning ties in closely to the Geelong College’s Vision for Learning and promotes responsibility, good decision-making, independence, self-direction, and an ability to articulate thinking whilst facing any challenge put in front of them. In short, it creates great learners and future global citizens.