The Real Lectures, student organised lectures from prominent local and international architects are back for 2018! 

This year, the team has decided to introduce a theme to the lecture series. The introduction of a theme to the series will encourage more critical and refined discussions of Architecture to occur. In Trimester 1 our guests, will be exploring the theme – ‘Durability in Architecture’. 

The series encourages the students to take a critical position in current architectural discourse. They also provide an opportunity to hear from practising architects, promoting awareness of the realities of practice. The lectures are FREE and open to the public.

Susanne Bennett​ & Mark DeKay | Solving the climate crisis by design

There is more than one climate crisis and more than one way to solve it. In this talk we use an integrally-informed approach to the climate change problem and to its solutions. From each of the major perspectives-whether science, culture or consciousness-there is bad news and there is also good news. Buildings and cities are a huge part of the climate problem, while their design and construction offer a powerful, inspiring, practical, long-term solution that is already having dramatic turn-around impacts in the US. – Mark Dekay

Susanne Bennett – Educated as an archaeological anthropologist at Columbia, Susanne is a master public speaker with more than 35 years’ experience in the fields of personal growth, building science, and environmental issues. She is the editor of Sun, Wind & Light: architectural design strategies, and Integral Sustainable Design: transformative perspectives.

Mark DeKay – Mark is a Professor of Architecture at the University of Tennessee, specializing in sustainable design theory and tools. He is author of Integral Sustainable Design: transformative perspectives and primary co-author of Sun, Wind, and Light: architectural design strategies, 3rd edition.  Mark and his wife, Susanne, were trained by Al Gore as a Climate Reality Leaders and offer lectures internationally on “Solving the Climate Crisis by Design.”

Wednesday 21 March at 6pm in D2.193 
Geelong Waterfront Campus
Pizza and drinks are provided afterward in the A+B studio
Open to the public – all welcome, no need to rsvp just come along
Lectures are FREE

Lectures from previous trimesters can be found on the real lectures youtube channel. /