The School had a special visit from Dr Alexia Nalewaik in September, the incoming president of the American Association of Cost Engineers. Alexia talked to staff and students about the issue of performance auditing of construction projects.

Alexia and our Head of School, Anthony Mills, have co-authored the newly released book entitled Project Performance Review. The book focuses on evaluating projects efficiently and in context, identifying important improvement opportunities and leading project and organizational management practices. It advises how these can be put in place to give stakeholders confidence in the control and delivery of their projects without waste.

The authors explain not just the mechanism and objective of project performance reviews but also the ideal environment in which they are intended to be implemented.  For more information or to purchased the book visit the Routledge website at:

Project Performance Review
Capturing the Value of Audit, Oversight, and Compliance for Project Success

By Alexia Nalewaik, Anthony Mills
© 2017 – Routledge
90 pages | 2 B/W Illus.