Dr Chin Koi Khoo – Lecturer in Architecture (Digital Design) School of Architecture and Built Environment at Deakin presented a guest lecture as part of The Expanded Field of Landscape Architecture series at TCL Melbourne Studio on 27 July.

The lecture entitled “Towards a Responsive Environment with Physical Computing” displayed selected research projects of Chin’s PhD and IDeEA lab that explore the responsive environment design through physical computing and synthesising material systems with dynamically responsive behaviours and properties. Three research projects include Luminous Cloud, Painterface and PixelFace were presented to initial a cross-disciplinary conversation between the physical and digital design realm, and knowledge sharing with the professional and academic audience.

Chin’s current research explores the potential of adaptive architecture through synthesising material systems with dynamically responsive behaviours and properties. Dr Khoo has extensive experience in interdisciplinary teaching and his research especially relates to the fields of responsive environment, computational architectural design, material computation, digital fabrication and human-computer interaction.

Other guests include:

Wendy Walls – PhD student University of Melbourne

Wendy’s research investigates Ecological Sustainability in the Field of Landscape Architecture, utilizing data and digital technologies for designing with dynamic phenomena in external open space. Her research specifically addresses thermal sensation in Australian cities where current climate change predictions suggest more frequent, intense and dangerous heatwaves. Her teaching at Melbourne University also supports further research through explorations of emerging design methodologies to facilitate a performance-oriented approach to landscape design.

David Ritter – Associate Director MCIBSE MEI Atelier 10

Leader of Atelier Ten’s Melbourne office, David is experienced in delivering cutting-edge environmental design solutions. He has recently designed multi-residential Passivhaus developments in China and led large-scale urban sustainability master planning projects for bluechip commercial developers and government organisations. As an accomplished environmental engineer, he has designed several award-winning educational, commercial and cultural buildings that increase comfort, reduce energy consumption and contribute back to the broader environment.