The School of Architecture and Built Environment is proud to congratulate our recent PhD graduates:

  • Xiancun Hu (Larry pictured with Chunlu Liu and Anthony Mills), supervised by Dr Chunlu Liu with thesis topic: Construction industry performance measurement with carbon reduction.
  • Ni Made Yudantini, supervised by Prof David Jones, with thesis topic: Bali Aga Cultural Landscape Challenges: Conserving the Balinese Traditional Landscape for Future Balinese Indigenous Villages (Bali Aga) and Communities.
  • Gregory Pitts, supervised by A Prof Mark Luther, thesis topic: Parametric Urbanism in Practice: Investigating new approaches based on analytically driven methods.
  • Jeremy Paul Schluter, supervised by Dr Mirjana Lozanovska, thesis topic: Towards an urban Melbourne: negotiating suburban renewal by understanding place identity.

John Murray Herron, supervised by David Jones with thesis topic: Climate Change Resilience and Development Growth of Two Australian Cities 2016-2050: Scenarios for the future of Portland and Hobsons Bay.

Elmira Jamei, supervised by Robert Fuller with thesis topic: Impact of Urban Development on the Microclimate and Pedestrian Thermal Comfort in Melbourne.

Congratulations to our new Doctors of Philosophy!