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As part of the refurbishment project the School has a new research resource that will foster collaboration with the School of Engineering in the fields of spatial modelling, mixed reality and responsive environments. The Interdisciplinary Design environments for Engineering and Architecture laboratory (IDeEA lab) is led by Professor Jules Moloney and provides a home base for staff with expertise in digital technology including Dr Anastasia Globa (parametric design), Dr Rui Wang (virtual reality) and Dr Chin Koi Khoo (physical computing). The lab has a suite of high performance computers, large scale stereographic video projection, 7.1 surround sound, oculus rift VR and state of the art 3D modelling and simulation software.

The objectives are to provide multiple proof-of-concept and pilot studies that can underpin larger funded research projects in collaboration with the School of Engineering and other Deakin researchers. Current projects include big data visualization, the use of serious games for sustainable design education, hybrid environmental-media facades, carbon-fibre reinforced timber structures and simulation environments for zero-energy buildings based on integral sustainable design theory.

The IDeEA lab is open to inquiries from prospective PhD students interested in applications of digital technology for architecture and engineering. More information can be found at IDeEA lab.net

Find out about our current projects below: